Tutte le parole che ti ho detto, in attesa che svaniscano (All the words I’ve said to you, waiting for them to vanish)
2017 / Confetti cannon / 900 pages of multicoloured A4 21x29,7 cm / FONDAZIONE BEVILACQUA LA MASA during I LAY DOWN TO SPLEEP AMONG THE MURDERERS, curated by Stefano Coletto, Venezia (IT)

“The span of a week, a month, not to speak of a year, is something so difficult to grasp that some, near-desperate in the face of such an elusive vision, abandon themselves to a bleak fervour and commit unheard of acts in the hope of one day recalling something of an existence which flees them without allowing itself to be captured (...)” (Passages, Henri Michaux)

The work visualizes the immateriality of the established relationships between the artists and the employees of Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation during 2016, the year in which I was selected for the annual residence. I have obtained confetti from 900 coloured sheets on which all the emails that were shared with the staff have been printed. Through a precise process of destruction, the energy obtained circulates thanks to a confetti's cannon. Due to its jet, the work temporarly occupies the white space of the gallery dedicated to my work, creating an image about the energy set in motion by the communication processes. A reflection on time and relationships is condensed in the carpet of confetti and its multiple conceptual layers, the force of gravity offers one possible answer.