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2017 / Audio recording 5’28’ / 
TEATRINO DI PALAZZO GRASSI during LA COSTRUZIONE DI UN ERRORE, a project by Federica Bianconi for Cescot Veneto at Fondazione Pianault, Venezia (IT)

On occasion of the seminar la costruzione di un errore, I proposed the audience an intervention involving the listening of failures - I asked some people to tell me a moment of failure in their lives using the voice message of the WhatsApp application. The request does not set limits and the number of selected messages deals with the subject in a very personal way. The possibility of using a screen as a separation between me and my confident allows everything to happen without direct contact; the mobile phone hides the person's face and the story in the microphone becomes all of a sudden a confession with oneself. The vocal message is transformed into a contemporary statement without response and without judgement. Considering the different nuances of failure that each story manages to give, can we really consider these experiences as a defeat?