Sugar snap pea
201 / Performance with sugar candy machine / MALGRADO, curated by Giulia Poppi during POLIS-BBQ, a project by Mia Suppiej for ARTE FIERA POLIS, Bologna (IT)

As we move towards a fragmented space in which the personal representation appears to us as an aesthetic failure, the transition from digital to real seems darker and distant from the perfection of virtual image.

In a basement a magical laboratory, machinery of a contemporary vanity is produced. Sugar, additive for definition, is considered precious for its processing capacity, aimed to confuse the taste and improve the performartive aspect of its container. During the action, the sugar is treated at different temperatures, the duration reveals the transitory aspect of the image: sugar shows its ephemeral condition. Just like any filter of any application of digital reproduction, sugar is the glossy ingredient that has been interposed between pure desire and its mystification.