Giovane Musa
2017 / Towel 150 x 100 cm, video 3’:13’’/ STUDIO ESTIVO during HOLIDAY RESORT TIME, a project by Suppiej & Zanato, Treviso (IT) 

The work reflects on the figure of the entertainer, a game and leisure professional, organizing hosting, coordinating, motivating and stimulating the production of entertainment. The management of its own free time, the fear of not being able to enjoy the same pleasure without the presence of an animator paid to do so, becomes a beach towel, an essential object of the holiday climate, now a fetish to lay on the wall and venerate.
In the Metamorphoses, Ovidio tells of the Muses and their time spent dancing with the Graces only for the pleasure of Pegasus. The image of a contemporary muse comes to life in a video that displays the solitude of problematic (forced or costretto) entertainment. In the unhabitated background the landscapes are immersed in silence, suspended and inert in front of the neurotic changes of reality.